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Can I rent multiple rooms for my wedding?

Of course you can! Either fill up the form above or email us! We’ll contact you and get some more information to help you with your needs.


What is the capacity and capability of each room?

There are 3 rooms that are available for use. The Bright Room, The Elaine Mae and The Staircase Studio Theatre.

The Brightroom is the most picturesque room and is located on the top floor. It has a capacity of 60 people standing and can be populated with tables and chairs. It has a raised stage, spotlights, speakers, microphones and a plethora of audio equipment. There is also a HD projector and a 5.1 audio system as well as a green room, utility room and two onsite bathrooms. Unfortunately, the Brightroom is not accessible.

The Elaine Mae is the studio space located next to the The Staircase. The little white building also hosts a smaller raised stage with lighting, sound and a projector with screen. Perfect for more intimate settings. Holds close to 60 people and also has access to tables and chairs. One on site bathroom as well.

The Staircase Studio Theatre is a 63 seated film and live action theatre. Complete with a full lighting board, sound board, HD projector and screen. It can also be used as a podcast recording studio that can also facilitate a live audience. The space can be rented out on specific dates for private viewings and can also be hooked up to your favorite video game system. Message us for more details. 

Can we rent out the Relay Coffee Roasters space?

The Relay Coffee Roasters space inside of The Staircase is normally open all year round for public use. If you’re still interested just drop us a message. Might be subject to different terms and conditions. 

Can I bring my own caterer for my wedding?

Yes you can as long as they are licensed and insured. We will need confirmation of this before continuing further. It will be up to the caterer to bring their own equipment, plating and removal of garbage and refuse in the building. You will need to go through our partners at Relay to set up any alcohol sales.

Who do you use for your Wedding Event Planning and Design?

We have partnered up with Day of Creative Event Planning & Design Collective as our go to planner. They have some incredible ideas and even have a handy Wedding Planning Package you can download from their website.

Do you have a good AV Companies that we can use?

Yes we do, we recommend Pynx Productions. They provided the accent lighting we used in our wedding venue photos, but they can also provide any additional lighting for the venue and even DJs and equipment. Check out their site for more options.
Pynx Productions

I'm looking for a great wedding photographer, anyone I can use?

Josie Nicole Photography all the way. She’s professional, personable and did all our wedding event photos. Please check her out at

Josie Nicole Photography

Those donuts looked delicious, where can i get them for my wedding or event?

Check out Darling Donuts, these small little delights pack a delicious punch. They’re not just good looking, they’re delicious and darling.

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Josie Nicole
Darling Donuts
Pynx Productions
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