The Staircase is back!

Our biggest goal is to return the space to its origins as an inclusive arts incubator. Classes, workshops, public and private events, screenings, comedy shows, anything to do with the performing arts!

The biggest changes: RELAY Coffee Roasters is opening a new location inside the cafe. Fully licensed, they’ll be making sure you’re fully caffeinated with tasty treats.

The theatre space is occupied by Fable and Folly Podcast Network who have a full audio setup as they’ll be offering their services while also putting on live podcast recordings and shows sporadically while still offering the theatre for rent!

Looking to rent a room/put on a show? Please welcome overall Staircase managers, HubUp Event Management.

Stay tuned to our social media and website for events at The Staircase.

If you’re looking to book some space (The Studio Theatre, Bright Room and Elaine Mae), reach out to

(905) 746 3551

— The Staircase Team

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The capacity in The Staircase is 60 people or less for our each of our event spaces. If you need mutiple rooms to accomodate, please contact us.